Show Off Your Earrings With These Tips

Show Off Your Earrings With These Tips

Adapt to Your Overall Bone Structure

Fine-boned women should choose delicate Swarovski crystal earrings that complement their beauty. Styles with large, chunky features overpower those with finer features. Those with larger features and solid bone structure can wear the bigger and more opulent Swarovski crystal earrings. A medium bone structure will complement neither delicate nor large styles. Choose medium-length drop styles or mid-sized studs.

Earrings Appropriate for the Venue

Consider the venue where you will be wearing your earrings. If you are heading to work, choose something more conservative. Classic studs or understated slight drops would be appropriate. Let your inner bling-goddess shine after 5:00 p.m. or for a special occasion like a holiday party or wedding. Hanging chandelier earrings, heavy hoops, and drop cluster earrings let everyone know you've come to party!

 Don't stray too far from your own style

Don't stray from your personal style. Swarovski crystals offer so many options. If you prefer lacy, flouncy feminine clothing, choose a more curvy and soft-angle earring in muted colors. Dramatic ladies (you know who you are) like to be noticed. They look best in geometric earrings. Diamond-toned and angular studs or eye-catching drop-down dazzlers.

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